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The Art of Strategic Business Growth: Balancing It All

---The beauty world is ever-changing, right? It's always something new to learn. Keeping up with all the latest trends, techniques, and treatments is crucial, not just because we love it, but because it's essential for business. But, you know what we often overlook? a real need to just slow down a bit.

Founder Speaks:

"There was definitely a time when I was eager to grow, grow, grow! without implementing what I'd just learned, I found myself questioning my investments and if they were actually working. What's interesting is that I took an entire year to go back over all of my notes from my own mentors and coaching sessions over the years and couldn't help but notice how many powerful, growth-oriented strategies I was able to put together for my business.

In both retail and in my beauty services. When I was in a place of desperation, I wasn't able to really sit with and implement the valuable information that was given to me. I'm sharing this with you because although, we see so many different businesses online promising you 10k months, 100k months, etc. which btw IS doable, please understand that this comes with implementation. I'd like to call them "course junkies". (and it's so relatable! been there!!) People who invest into so many things at once financially without realizing how much energy on the backend it is going to cost you to pull it off.

Do You Struggle with Implementation?

  • 0%Yes, I do! I get overwhelmed

  • 0%No, I'm pretty good at applying knowledge

  • 0%I need hands on help and accountability partners

So, ask yourself are you mentally in a place to invest the time into a coaching program that requires homework from you every week for 12 weeks? This is something to think about. I always ask potential clients if they are mentally ready to spend 12 consecutive weeks with me because I really push you to do your best.. If your assignment is rushed, It's sent back to you to re-do, I'm texting and/or calling you to see where I can assist, If you've ghosted for a week. Coaching and Instructing fellow Business Owners is a huge responsibility and as someone who has been in these shoes before. When you are pressed to improve many times, you won't like it. And you may not like me some days. But, I know that you are capable, the challenge is 100% worth it.

The great thing about life is that we don't get more time. We prioritize time for what we need to make happen in our lives and businesses. This is why I structured my program on a 12 week basis with flexibility. But, you will be held accountable for the growth you stated you wanted to see happen.

This personal experience with Implementing continued education on my journey helped me put things into perspective, deepen my discipline, and challenge myself to finish what I started. This will be true for you as well. "

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