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Beauty Pros Are Scrambling Right Now…. And Here is Why.

Over the past 5 years alone we’ve experienced a massive shift in the beauty industry lane. Esthetician schools have seen an exuberant influx of students.

So, onto the interesting part. I’m sure you’ve been seeing beauty pros left and right closing their doors, announcing retirements.

Let's take it back to pre covid. Social media was a lot different. Back then, all you had to do was post a cute pic of your work, maybe throw in a caption stating your lash map, and style, and a little CTA at the end screaming “Book me now!!”

Well, as with everything else in the world, things change. Industries are steadily evolving which calls for all industries as a collective to continue to innovate. Now, that sounds pretty straightforward. Get an esthetic license, take an 8-hour to learn to lash class, practice until perfect, and boom! Post on Facebook and Instagram to score a 6 figure business, per the lash class marketing flyer right?

Here’s where things took a turn post covid. Per my research, small business owners experienced a whopping 43% increase in profit and collectively businesses made billions… you read that right! Everyone was eating… GOODT. With a T on the end!

Because so much money was circulating in the economy it created the illusion that many people have more “disposable income” which.. May be true for some and many did not have to work very hard to build revenue…

Ask me if any of those promising 6 figure flyers included the business foundation values & principles needed in business… I’ll let you think on that for a bit

Beauty Pros left and right have messaged me countless times and even my students shared their personal experiences pre and post covid.. This blog was inspired by one of my very own students.

The text read “I just want to let you know I’m so happy I took your training, the way I see people online leaving the industry because they lack a coach is insane. Just know you did your job because people are asking me to help them (I refer you) I have so much guidance and even making more money”.

So, WHY are Beauty Pros scrambling right now? WHY are there testimonies of beauty pros making more money even though there are some closing their businesses altogether?

It’s the big B word that was missing on the flyer… Brand Identity.. Here’s the thing.

Over my career pre covid and after, I didn’t understand what I and other successful beauty pros locally had in common. You guessed it! We have a brand! Brands are steadily evolving.. Take it from Paul Mitchell.. Started In 1980, two friends were inspired to start a company that would support the success of hairdressers and provide luxury hair care at an affordable price. With just $700, launched a revolutionary hair care system featuring three products.

Just because you offer a service, have a logo, website, pretty work, and even a photoshoot. Does not mean you have a business OR a brand.. This is where the lines become blurred, people get disappointed and end up closing their doors because they missed the vital life-line steps in their businesses.

Beauty Brands are steadily evolving.. Hustling your way to success works for a bit and then you have to switch gears to attract steady growth.

All has come to a head now and you are currently seeing the effects of just how harmful it is to constantly sell but have no idea who you are selling to. You know who you’re selling to when you have a brand. There is no business with no audience.

Doing business is like dating. Start your brand with a why and your why in your business attracts clients like bees and honey. You begin to form relationships, a network, and paying clients to your business to fit like a puzzle.

Signs you need to revamp or rebuild your business are these:

No clear Identity, No Unique POV, Non Existent Voice, No tailored strategy,

No Clarity on your direction to where you are going to meet revenue goals.

You can absolutely brand and build your business the right way so that you can sleep at night.

You just have to start with your WHY.

My referenced student successfully graduated from my 12-week EBD Academy Program. Here are the links to get started. Doors close 10/31/2023

written and edited by founder and creator: Deshea Shepard, L.E.,

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