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Learn to Lash and Brand Your Beauty Business to be one of one!

Hello Esthi Family, and Welcome to my Beauty World! I stepped from behind the chair fulltime in February 2022 to do extensive mindset study research, beauty market research and to continue perfecting the lash artistry craft.  The goal was to spread knowledge collected from client behavior patterns to get to the root of the WHY behind why clients choose one artist over another. The answer is simple. Perceived value. Through my studies and countless trial and error, I Found that proper branding that is tailored to your IDEAL client is why some will spend thousands with one artist over the other.. who is more affordable. When you increase your value as an artist/ business owner, so does your VALUE.

Learn to Lash  Curriculum Day 1: 

DAY 1:

9AM- Introduction / Ice breaker! 

vision board: where do you see yourself in the next year.

What made you interested in lash artistry. 

My why? Why I sacrificed performing lash appointments

to be here to help you.

10AM- open kits, prep for notes

10:30AM- Learn to Lash Presentation:

Sterilization, Disinfection, Sanitation 

Theory, Lash Industry History, 

Stop for ?’s 

Demo, Mannequin Practice, 

Complete Style, 

Mini Quiz 

Homework assignment Due on Day 2:


3PM- 4PM - Additional Questions, The Importance of Social Media,

Flipping your Investment Properly, Financial Literacy & why you need this!


Learn to Lash > Tour Curriculum Day 2: 

9AM: Homework Review

Questions and Review Day 1 Material

LASH MODELS* required



• how to improve your lashing skill

(timing, styling , retention) 

You will receive my lash map pdf downloads for

the styling portion of this. 

• how to find & 

book your dream clients

• how to retain your clients 

Learn how i keep my dream clients coming back for years! 

• how to  properly set up booking policies to

keep your work day headache free. 

•  customer service etiquette for beginner

and seasoned stylists. 

•  “Is it your product 

or failed client aftercare?

2:30PM: MIMOSA TOAST to new beginnings!

Certificates & Raffle.

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